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Arabian Snake or False Corbra (Malpolon moilensis)

Characteristics: about 1.25 to 1.50m in length, varying colors from brown to sandy and beige color with yellow spots.
Behaviour: Many species of snakes are found. Most people are bitten when trying to kill or handle a snake. As a general rule, snakes are just as frightened of you as possibly you are of them. Often they move as quickly as possible in the other direction. Snakes cause no property damage, but seeing a snake or its shed (skin) may frighten mostly people.

First Aid Treatment

Seek medical help as soon as possible
Wash wound with soap/water
Immobilize the affected area
Keep area slightly elevated
Apply cool compress/wet cloth to affected part
Apply a firm bandage 2-4 inches above bite to
i. Prevent venom from spreading
ii.Take care of any bleeding

Do not attempt to kill a snake.
If you spot a snake, leave it alone
While hiking or in the woods, stay out of tall grass
Do not put your hand into pits/crevices during treks
Exercise caution while climbing rocks

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